The moon is a mirror to the sun
Reflecting down on me
No need to try, no ambition
It simply is, you see

In gentle night comes gentle light
Reflecting down on me
No magic signs, no incantations
It’s just reality

Shadows shifting, night clouds drifting
Boats upon the sea
I am a pilgrim passing by
Won’t you keep me company

I am in your image – you made me so
And so I’ve come to be
And as the moon reflects the sunlight
Your love reflects from me

I am a mirror to your breath
The mist upon the glass
Exhale my life, inhale my death
What more might I request

Visions come and visions go
Prophets false and true
Flowers falling from the sky
I am coming home to you

What comes down must go up
As night turns into day
And as I journey and meander
I know I’ll find my way

Apparitions fill the sky
With robes of white and blue
Embrace my soul, embrace eternal
And I am born anew

Suns may dance and stars may die
Old testaments and new
I am a pilgrim passing by
Just passing through
Just heading home
I am coming home to you