1. Marijuana is not for everybody. Just like any other substance whether natural or synthetic, legal or illegal, it’s not for everybody. Some people just get sleepy. Some just get hungry. Some laugh uncontrollably over the stupidest things. Some use it to recuperate from their aches and pains quite efficiently. Some mix it up with other substances (like legal alcohol) and get into trouble. If you are already unbalanced, it may make you more unbalanced. But then again it might not. It’s a bit like meditation. If you’re okay, you become more okay. If you’re an a**hole, you may become a bigger one.
  2. According to my Mom the Ilokanos used to feed MJ to pigs. The high swine would eat it, run and play, eat again, and sleep. And apparently they’d get de-wormed as well. The flowers looked good on church altars, though very few recreational users have actually seen the flower because they prefer to smoke the buds before they have a chance to fully bloom.
  3. I have a hemp shirt that’s thick yet cool and pliant. I’ve seen maong made from the stuff – it was fire retardant and felt like silk. The rope from MJ fiber is said to be stronger and smoother than abaca.
  4. It’s okay for the terminally ill. But then aren’t we ALL terminally ill? Why wait?
  5. MJ  is part of the “drop-out”, “laid-back” culture. It relaxes you and slows you down. Shabu, on the other hand, is part of the “go-getter”, “ächiever” culture. It speeds you up and fills you with go-go-go energy. Shabu is the perfect psychological fit to profit-oriented, capitalist culture and has been an essential part (along with other forms of “speed”) of military operations – pilots, tank drivers, snipers, ninjas, samurai… even Cordillera warriors chew a local form of coca leaf when wounded or when trekking long and food-less paths. Everything has its proper use, and everything is open to ab-use.
  6. If made easily available MJ may make a dent in recreational drug businesses like cigarettes and liquor, and in many pharmaceutical concerns (analgesics, anti-convulsion drugs, mood enhancers, etc.). If there are any anti-MJ lobbyists those threatened businesses are probably funding them.
  7. A Cambodian once told me that grass is, to them, a condiment, openly sold in their talipapa. The only problem (daw) is that after lunch no one wants to work anymore because they’re too happy.
  8. MJ is said to be a “gateway” drug, leading the user to seek higher highs. Probably true. But by the same logic there are legal recreational gateway drugs such as cigarettes and liquor.
  9. The bigger a deal is made of the issue, the bigger a deal it gets. People should just grow their own and have the freedom to be responsible. Like raising free-range chickens. Eat too much and you’ll still suffer the consequences.
  10. I think the main sticking points are neither moral nor scientific but… business-related.